General Rules for Students

 The following rules and regulations are enlisted for students to be followed in letter and spirit as it is in the best interest of all stake-holders.

  • Be neatly dressed in School Uniform.
  • Have gentleman like haircut (for boys) and simple hair-do (for girls).
  • Observe personal hygiene.
  • Be environment friendly and contribute their part towards it.
  • Follow School timings/Be punctual and regular.
  • Attend morning assembly and follow instructions as and when given.
  • Do not leave School without Principal's/Section Head's permission.
  • Submit endorsed application, for leave of absence, in advance.
  • Jewelry is not allowed in School.
  • Show grace, modesty and respect to all within & outside the school.
  • Come prepared to School with requisite books and note books etc.
  • Never use unfair means in examinations.
  • Do not cheat, steal or tell lies.
  • Smoking is not allowed.
  • Visit canteen only during breaks.
  • Do not visit Laboratories except when scheduled.
  • Do not be a member of any cafe', organization, association outside the School without prior permission of the Principal/Parents.
  • Do not indulge in agitation, indiscipline or political activity.
  • Pay the School dues on time (i.e. before 15th of each month).
  • Do not bring valuables or large sum of money to School.
  • Do not bring mobile phones to School.
  • Do not send uncalled for letters, e-mails etc. to fellow students.
  • Do not borrow or lend personal belongings.
  • Do not damage School property (including in-scribing on chairs, desks, walls etc.).
  • Mobile phones, photographs, cameras, radio sets, CDs, fire arms, weapons etc. are not allowed in School premises.
  • Look after your belongings yourself. School will not be responsible for any theft, loss, if any.
  • Abide by all rules and regulations of the School.
  • No collection of funds for any cause without permission of School authorities.
  • Holding of unauthorized parties in School are not allowed.
  • Students moving in the corridors and up and down the stairs must walk in silence and keep their left.
  • Do not litter in the school premises and use the provided bins for this purpose.                
  • Do not eat or drink in class rooms, Labs, corridors and during any formal activity.
  • Does not visit cafeteria, book shop, staff room during class hours without permission of class teacher.

Breach of any of the above rules will make the student liable for punishment which may culminate in warning, fine, rustication or termination etc.

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