Academic Curriculum

A selected and desirable blend of core textbooks as recommended by the regulatory educational authorities and education boards is used. The intent being not to burden the tender minds with too much knowledge and text rather exploit thinking and creative capabilities of students through argument and experience. Efforts are directed to improve the oral and written proficiency of students in languages with a special emphasis on English, as it is the language of instruction and administration in all disciplines of higher learning. Due importance is also accorded to Urdu language, which is the vehicle of transfer of our culture and heritage and associated values to the new generation.  

Pre School syllabi have been devised to cater for the psychological and social development of the child. To accomplish this aim, the school environment has been made both interesting and attractive for a child. Besides the core textbooks, educational computer aided materials and programmes, worksheets, experimental models, activity books etc are part of the curriculum.

Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat are essential portions of the curriculum. It ensures that our children learn and understand basic principles and ideals, which form the basis for our values for the creation of our country.

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