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The process of learning is initiated from adolescence and continues throughout the life span of a person. The state of socialization and interaction with others is further developed in school. Teachers and peers, academic environment and extra-curricular activities, all play a major role in determining and defining the human character. A school, being a reflection of the civilized society, facilitates proper development in the early years of life to provide a solid foundation for an ideal development of a child. The academic and social environment of Fazaia Education System School promises to boost right type of will and develop appropriate skills in its students. These would develop in them the true approach to life, help them to see matters in the right perspective and give them most useful training for the great journey of life itself. A product of school will be able to actualize a positive self-image by striking a balance between his mental and physical potentials. We are hopeful that the making of the new world will emerge from the lives of students of Fazaia Education System School. They shall be men and women of vision, honesty, justice, bravery and passion. They will be curious and hence prove to be productive members of the society. Related Links
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